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THEME #05 (blogroll) by badshawsLIVE PREVIEW / CODE

  • your dashboard icon will appear in the top.
  • there’s just home and ask link.
  • if you want to change the red color, search for #7f0000 on html and change the hex code (others color details, ask me).
  • important: search for yoururl and put your url there.

♦ Please, like or reblog this post if you’re (or going to) use it. Don’t redistribute, don’t remove the credit (leave the credit where it is) and, if edit, don’t claim as your own. Thank u!



PSD #90210 BY krisbianessa

  • please like or reblog if you download
  • made specifically for season 2,but maybe on other seasons it will work too
  • layers will need adjustments
  • if smth isn’t working please tell me
  • download


theme 35: angel
preview code 


  1. 500px posts
  2. 8 additional links
  3. Custom title and subtitle
  4. 14 Icons (55x55px // optional, you can hide them)
  5. 465x330px sidebar image (you can modify the height in the Sidebar Height text box)
  6. Option for Infinite Scrolling
  7. Option for Grayscale Images (The scale can be adjusted in Grayscale text box)



So, this is my third character PSD. I intended for it to be for witches, but as I was making it, it got more general, and I feel as if it would fit pretty much any supernatural roleplay. 

This one, like all my others thus far is 245x300. The background image can be changed and I added a faint motion blur for the trees in the left side, and the small square is 115x115. The text should be easily edited and it is fairly straight forward. The right side is also pretty light weight in photoshop savvyness. The only thing that may be daunting is the small rectangle, but it is easily handled. My way of doing it is to just create a clipping mask of your new image over the one that comes with this PSD. If you want to take a longer route, drag and drop the effects from one layer to another, or an even longer in recreating the entire thing in the Inner Shadow section of the Blending Options of the layer. The fonts, except for one, are all custom and would need to be downloaded (link provided below). As always, any questions about this PSD will happily be answered if you shoot me a message!

FONTS USED: Jane Austen, Mistral,  Poor Richard, Times New Roman

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire

*All textures and images are included (they do not belong to me) as well as the PSD which is one of my own.

hello i’m eleanor (prev lilypoters), i got bored and  wanted to gif something so i decided to make a psd pack for you. make sure you adjust some settings for it to work well and you have to delete the example layer. please like or reblog if you use/download, don’t claim your own or redistribute, i will know and if it gets more downloads than notes, i’ll probably delete this. other than that enjoy DOWNLOAD.



you can change the picture and the text however you see fit. the character name font is young & beautiful, the face claim font is walkway ultra condensed. while credit is not needed, it is appreciated - however, do not claim as your own and do not redistribute[DOWNLOAD]


THEME 16.0 - Sugar Rush

preview | code


  • sb image
  • 6 customizable links
  • 2 descriptions
  • space for name, age & location
  • jump pagination
  • small scrollbar
  • small cursor
  • 400px posts


  • please like or reblog if you’re using!!
  • do not claim as your own
  • please please please don’t remove the credit
  • message me if you have any inquiries! 

flawless base code by meliapond



PSD 425  → colorful psd for videoclipes and tv shows

  • Add curves.
  • Contains vibrance.
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  • Download at [ cloudapp ]

So here is my first psd that I’ve worked on for hours, to publish on drunkandcoloring. It contains vibrance, an optional layer and a B&W layer - you may need to adjust the brightness - please don’t repost it as yours and like or reblog if you download it, thank you! (x)