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THEME: [03] whelmed  » static preview // code [pastebin]

» Please leave the credit intact and do not move it. Do not copy, use as base, redistribute and/or claim this theme as your own.


  • All colors are customizable
  • Customizable Header Text
  • Customizable Sidebar and Main Backgrounds
  • Scrolling Description Box
  • Ability to Hide/Show Captions
  • Hover description box
  • Hover Tags (appear to the right of the post)
  • 200 x 270 side image
  • 5 Custom Links

How to install a theme // My theme blog (go here for support)

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THEME: [08] the garden - by cynessie

[static preview - code]

» Please leave the credit intact and do not move it. Do not copy, use as base, redistribute and/or claim this theme as your own.


  • 28 customizable colors
  • 10 custom links [three in use in preview]
  • customizable link widths
  • 2 post types: 400px & 500px
  • show/hide captions option
  • infinite scroll option
  • monochrome images option
  • faded images option
  • scrolling description box (if max-height: is reached)
  • 2 customizable headers
  • 350 x ??? side bar image (big)
  • 250 x 250 side bar image (small)
  • stick big image to top or bottom
  • pre-installed music player set up - tutorial here.
  • pre-installed settings for fish bg in linkbar - tutorial here.
  • — settings for fish: “25” width by “100%” height

how to install a theme // my theme blog (go here for support)

Caitlin Stasey for Young Vagabond



"Can’t Cancel Quidditch" was inspired by the idea of a Quidditch based roleplay. It was made for quidditch roleplays, but could be edited to work with harry potter or sport based roleplays as well.

The fonts used are Baskerville and Rex Bold. Please be aware the the fonts are edited so it’s best to just edit the text layers instead of creating new ones.You will need one face claim picture or gif. Headshots will work best.

It’s fairly simple to edit, as long as you don’t move any of the layers around, and have a basic understanding of clipping masks and font editing. Please only edit it if you are familiar with these things. If you do, I’d love to see what you did with it. Also, I know it’s a strange request, but please do not put a gradient over this psd. Do not redistribute this psd or claim it as your own.

You can download this psd here. Please like or reblog if you are downloading, as this took me a lot of time to make. Do not claim as your own, but slight editing is allowed. If you need any help, you can ask me here.


I was asked anonymously for a quick rundown of the land down under for someone whose character was visiting Australia. This guide focuses less on a character from Australia and acts more as a guide for tourists. If there is anything I have left out or you wish added, feel free to message me, I will be happy to oblige.

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So this is the first theme I am publishing on this blog, and I hope you’re gonna like it! Without much ado, here are the few features of this quite simple theme;

  • 400px posts
  • 5 Links
  • 5 Hovers (useful for some basic infos of your roleplay character)
  • 4 Sidebar Pics (75x90 and 255x120)
  • Background Pic (make sure it blends in with your background color!)

If you use this theme, please follow the rules and don’t remove my credit nor claim the theme as your own. A like/reblog to know that my work is actually worth it would make my day!

Static Preview; Code

Enjoy. :)

Caitlin Stasey photographed by Georgia Smedley for Young Vagabond magazine.

                           AN ACTIVE 10x10 SMALL TOWN RPG

                                 TWO OPEN ROLES - APPLY TODAY!

                          ☆ THIS IS TWENTY ☆ 

Being in your twenties can be scary, and not always what you expect.
People put so much emphasis on High School but seem to forget that the most important thing is the life you lead after it.

In the small country town of Bennington, Vermont, everyone has a past that has contributed to who they are today. Everyone has demons to face, burdens to bear, responsibilities to tackle, and people to meet. It’s a time to discover one’s self and sometimes the best way to do that is to return to the roots of where of one grew up. For some, they never left Bennington, but for others, they’re coming back to see just what they missed in their hometown.


  This is a new roleplay about love, friendship, self-discovery and most importantly, life.


Rotterdam was destroyed during the war. 884 people dead and the whole cultural center equaled to the ground. It marked the surrender of the Netherlands, and four years the citizens remained loyal to their city and their country, until they were freed by the allied forces. 

Now they have to rebuild. 

Rebuilt City RP is a historical, original roleplay that is mostly para-based. We offer a diverse list of characters and a setting that offers something for everyone in it. We focus mostly on character development. We also accept Original Characters! We deal with trigger warnings, such as the holocaust. Opening date: 30th of July! Come apply now!



zoeyrph Character PSD #019: Framed

I just hit 4,000 followers and I thought I’d release the character PSD I’ve been working on as a little bit of a gift and thank you to everyone who follows me.

This PSD, like most of the ones I post, is extremely easy to use and customize. All you need is an image and a GIF, or two images if you’re lazy, and some really basic Photoshop skills (you should know how to clipping mask). The font used is Tall Dark and Handsome and the graphic is separated into a left and a right piece. There isn’t a specific size for the images of the faceclaims, since you just need to clipping mask your picture to the shape given. As always, everything you can customize or edit is highlighted in red.

Please like or reblog if you download. If you need help customizing, contact me here.