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NOTE: The characters featuring on the trailer are the most active characters who are part of the group already, come and meet them!


I found this CS6 by chance on the internet and thought it was great, no defect was found. It contains timeline for editing gifs and selector for 23 different languages ​​to choose (you can easily change your choice when the program is open). It is already cracked, so there is no need for any form of update or put some key code. I hope you enjoy. Please, like or reblog if you download it, helps me to know if you are liking. Download → box / mf


Hi guys, this is the psd #149 made by holepsds. It’s totally free and made for you, the only thing i ask is your like in respect of my work. You can adjust all the layers if you need. Download here.

Contendunt est. 
Nihil accipiens minus.


Established in 1936 in Wickford, California, Wylde Academy is one of the most well-known boarding schools in North America. Starting out as a small school for mainly years 9-12, it was fairly popular throughout the country for several decades. Housing students year-round, and providing them with courses not often offered elsewhere, it quickly grew when word got around. Around 1985, the council was petitioned to include four years of college courses, causing them to close down for a year and a half to expand their campus. When it reopened in 1988, they had applicants coming from all around the globe. Word had spread, and they had to begin turning students down. While the campus was much larger, they still didn’t have the rooms for all of the people that wanted to attend. Now, 78 years after its original opening, Wylde Academy still stands as one of the most prestigious academies in the world.


All in all, she was a shining example of the kind of students that Wylde looked for. She had no enemies, or at least she thought she didn’t. Anna had gone out that night to run a few errands in town, not bothering to check in with her friends since it was fairly close. Her body was found in the early morning hours by her roommate, Kenzie Cooper, who immediately called for help from not only the school’s security, but also from outside police help. They arrived, watched over security footage and did everything they could do, but came out with nothing. The headmasters of Wylde grew scared that this murder would ruin the school’s reputation, and did whatever they could to keep it under wraps. Now, a year later, someone wants to make known what happened. They believe someone needs to pay the price for the cover-up, promising that what happened to Anna wasn’t the end, only the beginning.

          Nobody is safe. 
               No one is out of reach. 
                    And everyone is a suspect.


Queen of everything aka Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson


Character PSD 02 by Phosomania [download]

The fonts used were Little Lord Fontleroy and Georgia Regular. This is a really simple PSD set and you can change whatever you want about it - all the layers are labeled so you should be able to delete and erase whatever you want to. The black and white option isn’t truly black and white; it just dilutes the colors. Please don’t repost and credit me if you use!


Inspired by and dedicated to wavescrashalong. Enjoy! Thank you for the ongoing support with all my themes.

2.36 Poison and Wine

[Pastebin] [Raw]

  • 400px by 900px large sidebar
  • 200px by 280px small sidebar
  • 400px posts only 
  • Hover description 
  • Sidebar description margin is customizable
  • +2 Links 
  • Subtitle option available
  • Tool-tip enabled
  • As always, please like/reblog if this was at all helpful to you. They keep me going. 
  • Do not distribute this anywhere else, and do not steal/use my codes as a base. 
  • You’re free to edit for your own use. Keep my credit intact, it’s quite small and protects you from rain. 

1.3 Poison and Wine About

[Pastebin] [Raw]

  • 400px by 900px (or max-height) sidebar
  • 200px by 240px character image
  • Left portion of the about page dedicated to any facts
  • Right portion of the about page dedicated to the description/background/etc etc etc.
  • Three links added, but you’re free to edit in as many as you want
  • Tool-tip enabled
  • As always, please like/reblog if this was at all helpful to you. They keep me going. 
  • Do not distribute this anywhere else, and do not steal/use my codes as a base. 
  • You’re free to edit for your own use. Keep my credit intact, it’s quite small and protects you from rain. 


Harry Potter Blogroll Page #1 by capaldification
also: tags page and about page

antiquey golden frame around each icon
styled tooltips with parchment background, so blog titles show on hover
custom font
elder wand cursor
navigation links under title

do not steal, redistribute, remove credit, copy, etc etc
ask me if you need help, but it’s a pretty simple code

live preview


XXXVI - Creep (Minimal Blogging #2)

As I mentioned before, I’ve been trying to do something different by working on some minimal style themes. I’ve got five of them already coded so I’m turning it into a series. I tried to keep all the normal customize options but colours are more limited. Please tell me what you think - too simple, too much going on, too complex?

Please save and refresh the customize page before making any customizations/change. Feel free to customize however much you want, the more the better, but leave credits intact. It would also be great if you could ‘like’ this post if using the theme. Please use Disqus to report any problems or errors (not customization questions) as you can comment as a guest.

- Live Preview: Scrolling Sidebar + Fixed Sidebar (temporary)
- Last Update: 04 September 2014 
- Support: Installing / Customizing / FAQ

Main Features

  • Simple header with optional image backgroud.
  • Various widgets for text, links and other updates.
  • Allows up to 28 custom links. Page links disabled.
  • Sidebar with either fixed or scrolling options.
  • Limited colour choices.
  • Choose between 400px or 500px posts. Make sure only one is toggled or the layout will look messed up.
  • All post types supported.

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I see and write a lot of “DON’T DO THIS!!!” posts, so I thought I would make a “DO THIS!!!” post.

General Requests

  • More POC in leading roles
  • More important friendships
  • More queer characters in leading roles
  • More disabled characters in leading roles
  • More genderqueer and trans characters in leading roles
  • Realistic women in leading roles
  • Happier/more positive characters and messages


My wish list tag is always updating and includes posts containing things I would like to see in fiction. characterandwritinghelp has a similar tag.

The plot bunnies tag is likewise updating and includes posts that I think would make for an interesting story.

More Things I Would Like to See

  • Steampunk with different ethnic influences alongside the gears
  • Utopias that try really hard to be good, even though they aren’t and never will be perfect
  • Science and magic coexisting
  • Creation stories - stories that focus on building and growth rather than destruction
  • People are good themes
  • Extroverted protagonists
  • Environments other than temperate deciduous
  • Stories centered on art
  • Stories without war

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